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Next-Generation Dual Source CT Equipped with Two X-ray Tubes

Ultra High Speed and Low-dose Radiation CT Examinations

What is CT?

CT stands for "Computed Tomography".

CT is an examination where the device irradiates radiation to a patient's body, and by processing the acquired information with a computer, it creates images of the internal body. It can create images of organs and bones in a brief time and investigate a patient's internal body in detail. It is used in many medical situations since the technology applies almost no pain to the patient.

The latest CT devices, including our CT apparatus, reduces stress on patients by shortening the exam time and exposure to radiation. Furthermore, it enables to investigate the internal body more precisely with upgraded imaging technology and display of 3D computer graphics.

What Kind of Conditions Can CT Detect?

  • Head (cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage and head trauma/external injuries)
  • Lungs (lung cancer and pneumonia)
  • Cervical area (tumors and inflammations)
  • Spine (external injuries and bone fractures)
  • Blood vessels (vascular lesions)
  • Abdominal area (cancers of liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, Intestinal tracts and adrenal glands)
  • Pelvis (uterus, ovaries and bladder cancer)
  • Joints (soft tissues)

Our CT Device

About Next-generation Dual Source CT Equipped with Two X-ray Tubes

Fast dual spiral scan made rapid progress in CT technology. It allows to have a high speed scanning and low-dose radiation.

Patients do not need to hold their breath. All lung scan time take 0.6 seconds.
Maximum scan speed of 460mm/s (high speed scanning) Flash Spiral
Fast dual spiral scan (Flash Spiral) allows fast scanning of the whole body. It can be used in examining emergency and pediatric patients by creating high quality images with high speed.

Scan speed 0.25 seconds
Cardiac CT + <1mSvCardio Flash Spiral
The device can take cardiac CT images with the duration of 1/4 of a heart beat (0.25 sec.) and radiation doses of less than 1mSv. Temporal resolution is 75ms without segment reconstruction.
The visualization of the whole body by creating 3D images allows for advanced image diagnosis.

We provide advanced image diagnosis with 3D images.Ziostation 2 processes data which are obtained from devices, such as CT and MRI, to create images. It is a medical image processing device which supports diagnosis by representing 2D images and providing analytics.By displaying highly defined 3D images of the head, thoracic and abdominal area, it is easy to visualize the presence or absence of lesions, the size and location of the lesions with detail. Moreover, sophisticated functional analysis lead to an accurate diagnosis and makes it easier to run simulations before an operation.

We have a system of rapidly sharing information regarding diagnostics with other departments: CT room, hybrid operation room and catheterization laboratory.

About Departments/Centers that Implements CT

*The following departments/centers offer treatments and examinations with CT

The specialists whom are currently offering medical care are introduced on the home page of each department.

Diagnostic Radiology、Health Screening Center