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Da Vinci Surgical System
Robotic-Assisted Technologies for Endoscopic Surgery

Robotic-assisted Technologies for Endoscopic Surgery: da Vinci Surgical System

We have implemented the most advanced device to treat prostate cancer.

What is da Vinci Si?

It was developed in the United States in the 1990s and was released from Intuitive Surgical since 1999 as a clinical equipment.It allows to perform advanced endoscopic surgery by inserting an endoscope and robot arm through a 1-2 cm small incision.
A surgeon performs surgery by controlling the robot arm while looking at a 3D monitor as if they are staring at the actual surgical field.
This medical device has been approved in Japan since 2009. Also, its use on the treatment of prostate cancer has been covered by medical insurance since April, 2012.

Advantages of da Vinci

It performs surgery with a field of view that is 10 times bigger than the naked eye. Therefore, this method allows to perform more complicated and delicate surgery compared to what can be performed via human hands.
Surgery performed with da Vinci allows to utilize the existing techniques of laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery. It also, allows for more advanced control during surgery.

Advantages of surgeries done by robot:
  1. Faster recovery after the surgery
  2. Less bleeding
  3. Better curability and conserving functions including the control of the bladder

are expected.

There are several ways to treat prostate cancer, such as endocrine therapy, radiation therapy and surgical therapy. These therapies are subdivided into several methods of treatment.
To plan how to treat prostate cancer, we examine patients to see the degree of progression. The suitable treatment is determined by making a comprehensive judgement of the patient's condition, such as the degree of progression and its malignancy, overall health condition, age and presence or absence of complication.
If you have any questions, please consult Dr. Matsumiya or Dr. Madono from the Urology department.

Prostatectomy Performed by da Vinci

The prostate glands are located in the deep inside of the narrow pelvis. Blood vessels, urethra sphincter muscle, and pelvic splanchnic nerves are located close to the prostate glands. Therefore, there are tendency of bleeding and a possibility of suffering from urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction after surgery.
da Vinci enables to present an excellent visual field in a narrow space, therefore, it enables sophisticated control.

  1. High definition 3D image
  2. Forceps that has high degree of freedom like the human wrist
  3. Hand shake correction device that controls the shake

With the technologies mentioned above, safer and more certain surgery is expected to be delivered.

About Devices

"Robotic-assisted technologies for endoscopic surgery da Vinci Surgical System" consists of 3 units: the robotic arm, the operative unit and the assistant monitor unit.
The robotic unit is equipped with 3 arms that consists instruments on the tip, such as forceps, scalpel and endoscope. The surgeon can remotely control the operation while viewing the endoscopic images which is displayed in the boxed shaped operative unit.

Characteristics of da Vinci

  1. A clear high-definition 3D image
  2. An accurate zoomed in image (x10, x20, x40)
  3. The forceps are designed with great degrees of motion. The range of motion is greater than the human hand
  4. Hand shake correction device allows to provide stabilized surgical control
  5. Motion scaling allows to provide fine and accurate control
  6. Dual Console structure can improve the safety and the skills of surgeon during training

Introducing Departments/Centers that Implements Robotic-assisted Technologies for Endoscopic Surgerys

*The following departments/centers offer treatments and examinations with da Vinci Surgical System
The specialists whom are currently offering medical care are introduced on the home page of each department.