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Flat-Panel Detector (FPD) Digital Radiography Systems with Direct Conversion Systems

A Device Which Detects the Early Stage of Breast Cancer

We have implemented the latest device and strive to detect breast cancer in its early stage.

What is Mammography?

Mammography is a device that is specialized to take X-ray images of breasts. It is the device used to perform X-ray examination.
Mammography is effective in detecting signs of breast cancer in early stages, such as microscopic calcification and tiny breast cancer which cannot be felt as a lump.

How to Take a Mammography Film?

The tested patient places her breast on a plastic plate. The image is taken while other plastic plates compresses and stretch the breast to make it thinner and even.

Does it Hurt?

Although the degree of pain is different among patients, they may feel a little pain since their breast is compressed by the plates. We ask patients to bear the pain for a short period of time.

Is There Any Danger from Radiation Exposure?

Because this examination utilizes X-rays, there will be some exposure to radiation. However, mammography examination has almost no health effect on human body.
The radiation exposure during examination is limited to the breast. There is almost no exposure to the bone marrow, so patients do not need to worry about developing diseases such as leukemia. Please feel safe to take the examination.

Our Devices

We have implemented the latest device with the world's smallest pixel pitch, 50μm (as of September, 2011), by using the direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) made originally from FUJIFILM. The latest image processing technology provides high quality images which makes the diagnosis easier. The device called AMULET f provides a comfortable mammography examination.

Introducing Departments/Centers that Implement Mammography

*The following departments/centers offer treatments and examinations with Mammography.
The specialists whom are currently offering medical care are introduced on the home page of each department.

Breast Surgery、Health Screening Center