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All digital multipurpose X-rayTV system (Fluoroscopy)
Multipurpose digital X-rayTV system with a tilting C-arm table

Ultra High Resolution X-ray TV System

Introduction of the Device

The device can be used in variety of X-ray examinations, such as gastrointestinal series and angiography.

We have implemented the latest all digital multipurpose X-rayTV system.
This device allows to create an accurate image with low-dose radiation compared to the existing devices. Also, as an option, it allows to enlarge the acquired image and adjust the density of it. Thus, it provides the ideal images.
By creating high quality and digitalized images for examinations such as upper GI fluoroscopy and endoscopy, it allows us to perform precise examinations without overlooking details. This result in detecting early stages of cancers.
For more information regarding the examination, please feel free to ask one of our staff.

About Departments/Centers that Implements Multipurpose X-ray TV System

*The following departments/centers offer treatments and examinations with multipurpose X-ray TV system
The specialists whom are currently offering medical care are introduced on the home page of each department.

Gastroenterology、Endoscope Center (coming soon) 、Health Screening Center