Suita Tokushukai Hospital

TEL 81-06-0687-1110

TEL 81-06-0687-1110


Preparation for Admission

For those preparing for admission, please fill out the documents prepared by the hospital with your necessary information and signature stamp. Once completed, please hand them to the Admission and Discharge Center.

Please bring the following at the time of admission

  1. Documents
    • Application and Proclamation for Hospital Admission
    • Hospital Bedding and Linens Lending Form
    • Agreement for Hospital Gown Lending
    • Health Insurance Card
    • Various Medical Care Certificate, Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application and any other certificates
    • Any referral letter, if applicable
    • Questionnaire
  2. Medication
    • All medicines that you are currently taking
    • Prescription Record Notebook, if you have any
  3. Daily Necessities
    • Personal toiletries such as washbowls, cups, soaps, toothbrushes, shampoos, bath towels and shavers for male
    • Hand and bath towels
    • Underwear
    • Non-slip footwear
    • Cups, chopsticks, spoons and tissues
    • Hospital gowns

*Hospital gowns can be rented out for 70 yen/day (excluding tax), however, you can also bring your own pajamas. Please note, the charge for gowns will be 70 yen/day no matter how many you use a day. If you choose to bring your own pajamas, please prepare one that can be buttoned up in the front for convenience during consultation and examination.

*Lawson, a convenience store, is located on the 1st floor. Everything you need for your stay can be purchased in the store.*Please see section 14 -- "Your stay in Hospital" -- for detailed information, such as opening hours.