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Purpose of Personal Information Protection Policy

The purpose of having a Personal Information Protection Policy is to ensure protecting our patient’s privacy. We do so by ensuring and clarifying to our patients that staff involved in managing personal information -- gathered via our website -- obtain and use the information with determined limits and methods, and that the materials are handled in a proper manner under strict control. Furthermore, by disclosing our policy for handling personal information, we can create an environment where patients can make a proper judgement whether they will provide their personal information or not. If the posted Personal Information Protection Policy is not acceptable, patients can stop using this website at anytime. Also, please note that you can contact us at our office (listed below) if you have any questions regarding our Personal Information Protection Policy.

1. When using these website services listed below, patients may be asked to provide their personal information.

  • Inquiry Form
  • Registration Form

2. Personal Information obtained includes the following.

Phone numbers, email addresses, name, age, gender, mailing addresses given when applying or contacting regarding carrier opportunities. We keep these given information for a set period of time, and when passing that period, we start deleting the data for safety reasons.

3. The obtained personal information are used for the following purposes.

Responding to a question or giving personal advice, contacting the individual and improving our services.

4. Providing obtained personal information to third parties

"On this website, with the consent of the individual concerned, the given personal information will be immediately disclosed and updated. The method of disclosing and updating personal information includes the following: email, phone calls, FAX, mailing, and inquiry form.

As soon as we verify identification of the individual concerned, we will quickly react to requests such as correcting, disclosing, deleting and stopping the usage of the given information. For verifying identification, we will follow the regulation of our company's policy.

Please note there are cases that we cannot accept the requests such as correcting, adding and deleting records regarding our service or operation, or other requests that might interfere our business operation."

5. Security of personal information

The personal information obtained through this website must be safely protected and handled. It is required to pay maximum attention to the security system. The computers that store personal information obtained through this website is strictly managed in order to protect the internal data from being viewed, falsified and damaged by unauthorized access from an external network. This website uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypts data when exchanging data between our server and user's browsers.

Contact information of Personal Information Administrator
IryohojinTokushukai Osaka
〒530-0001Osaka Ekimae Daiichi-building 12F, Umeda 1-3-1, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-Fu