Suita Tokushukai Hospital

TEL 81-06-0687-1110

Suita Tokushu-en

Suita Tokushu-en

A Message from the Facility Director

"Suita Tokushu-en" is the Geriatric Health Services Facility situated inside the hospital. This facilitates a safe environment for the patients since the facility works closely together with the medical care unit.

After receiving an acute treatment from the hospital, patients begin rehabilitation to build the necessary skills needed to carry out their daily activities. The goal is for patients to be able to go home. Because our medical care and geriatric health care work closely together, patients' daily lives after discharge will be strongly supported.

Infection, dehydration, bone fracture/tumbling, and the progression of dementia can lead to hospitalization or admission to the nursery home. To prevent the said circumstances from occurring, patients are encouraged to use our home care support such as Daycare, Short-stay and at-home rehabilitation.

Facility Director Kei Sakai