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TEL 81-06-0687-1110

Suita Tokushu-en

Suita Tokushu-en

Philosophy and Fundamental Policy

A New Healing Facility Built in Hokusetsu

We protect patients' life and their ability to carry out daily activities, on the top two floors (9th and 10th) of Suita Tokushukai Hospital.

Since the Geriatric Health Services Facility built in the hospital works closely together with the medical unit, patients are able to receive immediate medical attention when their condition suddenly changes. Therefore, we can offer a safe environment.

The Philosophy and the Role of the Geriatric Health Services Facility

The Geriatric Health Services Facility protects patients' dignity and offer total support to maintain and improve their daily activities while ensuring their safety. Furthermore, we assist the patients and make sure they are able to continue their daily activities at home with the help of their families, communities and organizations. We will do the following five.

Suita Tokushu-en's Policy Regarding Geriatric Care

  • A facility you can entrust one's life.
  • A facility that protects one's health and life.
How We Carry Out Policies
  1. With the cooperation of all departments, we put emphasis on; providing high-quality and safe services; prevention of accidents; and not restraining our patients.
  2. We encourage patients to rehabilitate in a proactive manner and aim for them to return home.
  3. We obey the laws and regulations and aim for being a reliable Geriatric Health Services Facility.
  4. We strive for improving our reception and aim for being a facility that can contribute to the local community.
  5. We do not accept any gifts from patients or their family.

April 1, 2016 Facility Director, Kei Sakai

Inclusive Care Service Facility

We respect the intentions of our patients and support them as a team so they can live a desirable life at home or at the facility.

To achieve this, we set patient specific goals and support programs and we offer necessary medical care, nursing, geriatric care and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Facility

To improve daily life, we offer intensive rehabilitation during the maintenance phase. During this phase, we focus on acquiring physical strength and fundamental motor skills. In addition, we promote participating in rehab and physical activities and improving home environment.

Returning Home Support Facility

For those patients who are suffering from various issues such as stroke, disuse syndrome, and dementia, our inter-professional team provides patient-specific care and assists them to return home at an early stage.

At Home Support Facility

To maintain an independent life at home, we work on preventive care and provide one-day, overnight and at home rehab services. Also, we offer comprehensive support by collaborating with other organizations and strive to assist the family.

Community Rooted Facility

We aim to communicate and provide information to families and communities. We also provide consultation services and strive to find how we can assist patients.We work together with municipalities, various business operators, health/medical/welfare organizations and proactively take on a role to provide care that works together as the community. In addition, we actively evaluate and disclose information and strive to improve services.