Suita Tokushukai Hospital

TEL 81-06-0687-1110

TEL 81-06-0687-1110

Suita Tokushu-en

Suita Tokushu-en


Daycare (One Day Rehab Services)

We offer one day services which include rehabilitation, bathing, meals, and recreation. We also provide a service where a bus will pick up patients from their home.

Dining room/recreation room

Special bathtub for Daycare users

Short Stay (Short-Term Admission for Recuperative Care)

When caregivers temporarily have difficulties looking after their patients for various reasons such as fatigue, illness and/or due to special occasions, their patients are welcome to use our short term admission service.

Western style room with two beds and has a great view

Lounge where patients can chat

Long Term Admission

For patients whose conditions are stable and do not require hospitalization and treatment, we offer an everyday health checkup, support for daily activities (meals, baths and excretion) and rehabilitation for the purpose of self-support.We offer various service plans assisting patients returning to their regular social activities.

Spacious bathing room

Patient training in a rehabilitation room

Who Can Use the Services?

  • Patients whom are 65 and older that need nursing, support for daily activities, or rehabilitation and hold a Certification of Needed Long-Term Care.
  • Short Stay and Daycare are available for patients with Requiring Support Level 1 or 2, and Requiring Long-Term Care Level 1 – 5.
  • Patients aged 40 - 65 and are suffering from one or more of the 16 age-related disease that require support for daily activities or rehabilitation and hold a Certification of Needed Long-Term Care.